Let a Skilled Team Maintain Your Property

Let a Skilled Team Maintain Your Property

Set up property management services in or around the Richmond, ME area

If you own any type of rental property, whether it's a home or apartment complex, you need a reliable company to manage and maintain it. Kuchinski's Management provides comprehensive property management services in the Richmond and Portland, ME areas.

We manage both residential and commercial properties and offer maintenance packages, as well. We have experience with:

  • Single-family home management
  • Apartment property management
  • Retirement community management
  • Interior property management
  • Airbnb property management

Our team can handle vacancies, tenant relations and property maintenance. Call us at 207-380-3701 to learn more about our property management services.

Why you should hire a property management company

Good property management helps protect your property and investment. Here are some key reasons you should work with a property management company:

  • They have experience managing all kinds of properties full-time
  • They can save you time, money and headache
  • They can help you keep better tenants for longer
  • They serve as a buffer between owners and tenants

Contact us to discuss your rental home or apartment property management needs today.