Get More Space Without Moving

Get More Space Without Moving

Discover affordable home additions in Richmond, ME and surrounding areas

You don't have to move to get more space in your home. Get the space you need with the right home additions. Kuchinski's Management builds affordable home additions for clients throughout the Richmond, ME area. You can keep the home you and your family love and still get the space you need.

Our team can perform:

  • New room construction
  • Room expansion
  • Basement refinishing
  • Garage construction

When you need more space, call 207-380-3701. You can discuss your ideas with us and get a free estimate on affordable home additions.

5 benefits of having a garage

If you bought a home without a garage, why not built one yourself? Adding one to your home can provide many benefits, such as:

  1. Protecting your vehicle and you from weather exposure.
  2. Protecting your vehicle and belongings from theft.
  3. Giving you an easier space for car maintenance.
  4. Providing you with more storage space.
  5. Offering an extra space for your workshop or tools.

Speak with us to get started on your garage construction project now.